How do I edit captions and caption breaks?

Zubtitle offers a full notepad editor that makes it easy to edit the generated transcript for captions and change the timing of your captions.

Editing Caption Text

Simply click the text within the notepad to edit any misspellings or errors within the caption text. 

Changing Caption Timing

The red dotted markers indicate where each caption "slide" starts and stops. To change the timing of each slide, simply click and drag the vertical marker and adjust. We call these caption breaks.

Important: Any caption break can not have a start time that is after the start time of the next caption break. Sometimes, it's easier to work backwards when adjusting timing to ensure you have enough margin to work with. 

Add New Caption Break

A "break" in the captions determines when a new caption slide appears. You can add and remove caption breaks as needed to customize how much text appears in each caption slide.

PRO TIP: At any time, you can leave the page and come back to edit the captions & timing because the changes are saved in real time.

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