How do I fix my video if it is not compatible with Zubtitle?

If you receive an error while trying to upload your video to Zubtitle that it is not compatible, your video will need to be prepped first. It is a good idea to prep your video to use with Zubtitle as it will also make your video more compatible with streaming on social media platforms and YouTube.

Mac Users

Mac users can use Quicktime to prep their video for Zubtitle quickly.

First, open the video in QuickTime. Unless the default video player for your Mac was changed, simply opening the video will open it in QuickTime.

Next, go to File -> Export as -> 1080P

After choosing 1080P, a save dialogue box will open. Enter a new filename for your video so you don't overwrite the original, and choose 'Greater Compatibility (H.264)' from the drop-down menu below the file name.

Then click Save.

It will take a few minutes for your video to convert. Use the new version of your video with Zubtitle.

PC Users

PC users may need to use an app like Handbrake or Video Editor in Windows to prepare their videos.

Handbrake is a great, free video encoding application. You can find a quick start guide for it here:

The default settings typically work for most people. If you drag and drop your video into Handbrake and press the Start Encode button, you should get another version of your video that should work with Zubtitle.

If your video appears distorted after re-encoding your video with Handbrake, there is a good chance that your iPhone recorded your video with anamorphic settings. To fix this, you would need to change the Anamorphic settings to 'none' under the Dimensions tab in Handbrake.

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