How do I customize caption styles?

For the new version of Zubtitle, use the following directions:

In the caption editor screen, go to Text Styles:

From this settings tab, you can change the following settings for the captions:

  • Position

  • Background color

  • Background transparency

  • Font

  • Font weight

  • Padding around the caption box

  • Caption outline color

  • Capitilzation

  • Line height

  • Caption lines

Use the directions below for the old version of Zubtitle:

When using Zubtitle to automatically add captions to your videos, you can also customize the look, format, & style of the caption text. 

After uploading a video and allowing the automatic transcript to generate, look for the "Add New Style" button within the Select A Style menu: 

When creating a new style, you can customize the font, color, font size, padding, and more: 

Click save and your new style will be added to your available selections.

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