Why is my captioned file size different than what I uploaded?

When rendering captioned videos, we target the same bitrate as the input video, so if you upload higher-quality video you should get higher quality output. That said, there are two reasons the captioned video may end up a different file size than your input file:

Files Too Small

Since our rendering process uses single-pass compression, the output bitrate may be slightly higher or lower than the target. Usually this difference will not be large enough affect quality, but if you find your video is lower quality than expected please contact support to have it rendered at a higher bitrate.

Files Too Large

In some cases, if the input bitrate is too small to render legible text, we will increase the bitrate before rendering. For example, we will render a 1080p video at 8Mbps or greater. This ensures the text will look crisp on the final video.

However, in some cases where highly compressed videos are required (e.g., sharing video content to WhatsApp), we can set your rendered files to target the same bitrate as your input file. If you find your rendered files are too large to fit your needs, please contact support so we can arrange this for your account.

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