How Do I Use My Own Font to create captions?

For the new version of Zubtitle, use the directions below:

In the caption editor screen, go to Text Styles. At the bottom of the Text Styles window is an option to upload a custom font. Use that option.

All custom fonts must be an .OTF or .TTF file.

For the old version of Zubtitle, use the directions below:

Before using your own font, you'll need to be subscribed to the Elite subscription tier. The Standard subscription does not include the ability to use custom fonts.

To use a custom font, first select Manage Fonts, Colors.... from the Style Video tab in the caption editor. 

Then click on the Custom Fonts tab in the style chooser window.

Click on the 'Drop your fonts here...' button, locate your font on your computer from the file dialogue box that appears, and upload your font.  Please note that fonts must be in .OTF or .TTF formats only.  Also, fonts cannot be in a zip file. 

After your font is uploaded and is processed by Zubtitle, you will see it listed on that same screen.

After you upload your font and it has been processed from Zubtitle, it will be available from the font list drop-down menu in the style editor screen.

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