What are rollover credits?

Zubtitle now offers rollover credits!

What are rollover credits?

Rollover credits are un-used credits that roll over to the next billing cycle.

How do rollover credits work?

Each subscription includes a certain amount of video credits each month. For this example, we will refer to the Standard subscription that includes 10 video credits a month.

If you use 8 of those 10 credits, the last two remaining credits will roll over to the next billing cycle. So the following billing cycle you would have access to 12 video credits instead of 10.

There is a limit on the number of rollover credits that will be transferred to the next billing cycle, though. Each subscription includes double the included credits in rollover credits. For our example using the Standard subscription, the number of rollover credits included in the Standard subscription would be 20 rollover credits.

So the Standard subscription includes 10 video credits with up to 20 rollover credits each month. That means the Standard subscription will always include 10 credits at the beginning of each billing cycle with a maximum of 30 video credits available (the 10 included video credits plus 20 un-used credits that were transferred from prior billing cycles).

What benefit do I get from rollover credits?

Rollover credits are a great way to use un-used credits each month. This way you don't lose access to the credits you already paid for. Rollover credits are also a great way to add additional padding for those months you may need to create more videos. This way if you need to make a few extra videos one month, you can use rollover credits rather then creating a custom plan. This adds a lot of value to each subscription!

Do I keep my credits after I cancel my subscription?

We are afraid not. Roll over credits are only included with active paid subscriptions.

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