How do I Create A Custom Plan?

Zubtitle includes three pre-configured subscription plans. Those plans are the Influencer, Guru, and Agency plans.

More information regarding these plans can be located on the Billing & Payments page:

Should you need more than the 30 credits a month included with the Agency tier, you can create your own custom plan as well. To do this, go to the My Subscriptions page in your account and click on the 'Interested In Custom Pricing?' link above the Subscription button.

Use the slider to adjust your custom plan for the number of credits you need each month. The price for that custom plan will be displayed to the right of that credit slider. You can also choose if you would like a maximum of 20-minute or 30-minute videos for each credit as well.

Once you are finished configuring your custom plan, click the Subscribe button to activate it.

We can help make custom plans as well. Send us a message in chat for help.

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