How do I Pause My Subscription?

If you need to take a break from Zubtitle for a little while, but you do not want to lose any rollover credits you have accumulated, you can pause your subscription for up to two months at a time.

To pause your subscription, use the Cancel link on the My Subscriptions page in your account. That will give you the option to pause your subscription before canceling it.

Subscriptions can be paused for one or two months at a time. Two months is the longest pause period provided at this time. After the pause period ends, your subscription will automatically re-activate, and your payment method will automatically be charged again until you cancel your subscription completely.

Pause periods cannot be stacked. Otherwise, you cannot pause your subscription and then set it to pause again in the middle of a current pause period. Your subscription will still re-activate automatically after that first initial pause period is set.

You must wait for your subscription to re-activate before canceling your subscription if it is paused.

Please be aware that you must wait until your pause period ends and your subscription re-activates to cancel your subscription.

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